Mike + Melissa // Engaged

Skylands Manor Engagement Photographer

Engagement session at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ

Michael (Mike) and Melissa are two of the funnest, laid-back people I have worked with. When they mentioned they wanted to do their engagement photos at Skylands Manor and maybe also nearby Ringwood Manor I was totally jazzed. I had heard of both places before and knew that they were beautiful places to shoot so I could not wait to get up there and explore the grounds with these two! 

We had to reschedule once because of the rain and boy am I glad we did. The weather was serious perfection and I was so grateful that we had perfect temps and some beautiful light to work with during our session. 

Mike and Melissa attend the same church as Paul and I, so we already have a special connection. They also met online which is how Paul and I met online as well, so already we know we just love them. They both have such a joy in their smiles and their laughs and I love how they interacted with each other all throughout the session. You can just see the love radiating out of them! 

We had our session on a gorgeous Tuesday night last week and other than navigating a few other photographers with couples there (and swatting a LOT of bugs) we pretty much had the place to ourselves! We had such a fun time exploring everything and the way Mike makes Melissa laugh still has me chuckling. He is so good at it!! 

Congrats to Mike and Melissa on their engagement and I can hardly wait for their wedding in March of next year! 

Will + Cassie // 25th anniversary

Madison Train Station Anniversary Photographer

Madison NJ Train Station anniversary

When Cassie first contacted me about doing a 25th wedding anniversary session at first I was SHOCKED! No way had she been married already for 25 years! And then I was so EXCITED because I love marriage so much and love the beauty and encouragement that comes from stories that have stood the test of time! Cassie and Will are two such people that we all could learn a lot from regarding love and commitment and determination. I just love it!

We had to reschedule our session a few times due to weather, but we finally were able to wiggle our way into an early morning session on Mothers Day. It actually turned out to be the MOST perfect weather we could have asked for. Not too hot or cold and some sparse clouds in the sky. It was seriously perfection. 

We met at the Madison train station in New Jersey and spent some time there and also some time across the street at the courthouse. Paul and I both had a great time working with them and laughing with them and we also found out that this particular mothers day was the 26th anniversary of their very first date! How awesome is that? 

Cassie & Will....Congratulations and cheers to 25 years more of love and committment!!