Why I don't like Likes (on FB)

Ok so that title may be a little misleading. I do in fact like Likes on facebook, but I conciously try NOT to worry about them. I don't ask people to like my page all that much. I don't participate in "like-a-thons" that go down in some of the facebook groups that I am a part of. I don't get jealous over other photographers that have 500, 1000, 10,000 likes on their facebook page. 

Every now and then, I do feel a twinge. A twinge of jealousy. A twinge of panic that someone might click on my page, see my 297 likes and run for the hills thinking that I must not be a very good photographer since I have so "few" likes on my facebook page. A twinge of doubt about my abilities, my creativity and my art. 

Then I snap right out of it. The only thing I want anyone to really be concerned about is my work. Do they like it? Does it suit them? Is it what they would want for their photos? I would absolutely NOT want someone to hire me based ONLY on the fact that I have a lot of likes on my facebook page. 

The other thing that I remind myself of whenever I may feel a "twinge" is that the MORE likes you have on facebook, the WORSE it is for you as a business.

Let me repeat that. 

The more likes you have the less your content will be shown to your "fans". 

Based on how facebook algorithms work, the more people like your page, a higher % of interactions have to occur in order for people to actually "see" your post at all. 

Basically, I would rather have 100 "fans" who interact with my posts, pictures etc... than 5,000 "fans" who aren't really interested in my work at all and don't interact with my page. If that were to happen, the people who are actually interested would probably NEVER see any of my posts at all. 

So far, as it is currently, I get pretty good reach with each of my posts. I see a lot of other photographers with thousands of likes complain all the time that their posts and pictures are barely being seen by anyone on facebook anymore. This has yet to happen to me and I am sure it is because I have a larger percentage of "likers" who actually interact with my page, thus my posts continue to be shown as opposed to ending up at the bottom of the newsfeed. 

What is up with the obsession to have so many likes? Why do we get so stuck on numbers? The same thing happens with the scale. The number doesn't define you.

Large numbers of likes on facebook does not a photographer make.

I have seen people with thousands of likes, who obviously don't take their craft seriously, they are just in business to snap some pics and make a few bucks. I guess this is probably true in most artistic professions, and can be very frustrating for some because....that number.....man, it gets us every time. A visible representation of how good we are. Or is it? I argue no. 

I'm sure there is a notion out there that if a particular photographer has 10,000+ likes they MUST be amazing. I see this play out often. I follow a couple of these "mega" stars in the photography world and its funny to watch actually. They will post a picture and the comments will pour in. "Amazing!", "Breathtaking!", "This photo is my favorite of ALLL time...you are soooooo incredible!"  And while yes, their work is lovely, a lot of it is the same 'ol same 'ol. Same composition. Same compression. Same editing.

Everyone likes it because everyone else likes it.

Maybe if I had 10,000 likes I would feel differently, but I'm not really sure I want to find out. 

When it comes down to it, I really only have one goal . To consistently grow my skills as an artist in order to satisfy my ideal client. My ideal client loves my work, kinda likes hanging out with me and could give a hoot how many people "like" me on facebook.

So why should I?