The CWP In Crowd

When I went through my rebrand this past summer, one of my goals was to start a super duper awesome-delux email list to connect with other creative and small photography business owners. Because of everything that happened literally AS SOON as that was over (HELLO move across the country) it kind of fell through the cracks and I never really sent out the goodness that I had planned in my noggin. I got the welcome email done and then.....nothing. 

Well that is about to change my friends! I've got everything up and running and some funny, insightful and hopefully helpful emails all prepped and ready to hit the email boxes of amazing people all over the country as soon as you hit the button! 

So....I introduce to you....the "In Crowd"!!! 

The CWP In Crowd | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photographer

My welcome email goes into more detail about what joining the In Crowd means, but I can tell you one thing that it doesn't mean...tons of annoying emails in your box cluttering things up.

Hopefully you are already using THIS to keep your email nice and clean, but my mail goal is for my emails to be a welcome sight. Something to make you smile. Something to make you think. Something to challenge you. And if it is none of those things for you than I encourage you, in fact I will BEG you to click unsubscribe because we all know that ain't nobody got time for emails that do nothing for you except cause you to click twice to delete! 

All that to say I hope you join me. I've got some good stories already lined up about french fry crack downs, some stuff that went down at IKEA and the recent book I read that kind of changed everything about my business. 

There also might be a massage in your future. Maybe

Ok, I hope to see your email pop up in my email so my emails can pop up in your email.

Woah. I just blew my own mind.