The most important page missing from your website (video)

As a blogger and blog reader I am constantly all up in other peoples websites. Ever since I started blogging four + years ago I have noticed many things about my own blog habits as well as the habits among my own readers:

  • We are selfish
  • We need helpful or entertaining information 
  • Make it easy please

If you are serious about blogging and increasing your blog traffic and or growing your business through blogging, you have to admit these things to yourself. Your blog is not about YOU. Your blog is about your readers...what they want to hear, read and see. Once you turn that corner, things can really begin to look differently around your home on the interwebs. 

Today I'm focusing on that last bullet point.

The one about making it easy.

This is a passion of mine and one that I frankly don't understand why is not more important to many other bloggers. Making it easy for your reader to see and find content on your site is essential to keeping readers engaged and building a loyal following. 

How to create a blog archive on Squarespace | Blogging on Squarespace

One of the most powerful pages on your website is a blog archive. This is a place where readers can go back and look for other interesting posts that you published in the past.

Helping make it easy for your readers to access old content will create loyalty to your brand. 

I tried to look up statistics on how many blogs have an archive page but my google search got a little muggy. So I'm just shooting from personal experience here. I would say that on average I find myself on about 15 or so new to me websites/blogs per week. Out of those 15, I would guess that one of them (yes, ONE!) has easy navigation, a search bar or an easy to find and navigate archive page. It is so frustrating when I land on a post that has really interesting and helpful information and I am quite certain that this particular author has had other interesting and helpful content but I have no way to access it unless I scroll and scroll and scroll and maybe eventually get to a "previous post" link somewhere a mile down the page. 

I hate to say it, but see ya! 

There is TOOOOOO much content out there available for readers. Something new is literally one click away. Give your readers a reason to stick around! Make it ridiculously easy for them to find and search old content on your website or blog! One way you can do this in Squarespace is through the Summary Block but an even more powerful way to do this is through a well crafted archive page. 

Squarespace makes it relatively easy to create an incredibly useful archive page. Using summary blocks you can essentially craft it to be the most beneficial for your users. I always wanted my archive page to update automatically and list the posts in order of when they were posted. There is no direct way to do this in Squarespace, but I crafted a workaround. Check out the video to see how I do it! 

If you've felt limited by the 30 items to display limit in the Squarespace Summary block, I hope this video has given you some inspiration on how to create a workaround. Get creative! I'm sure theres lots of other ways to do this, this is just the best system I have come up with to achieve what I wanted to accomplish. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment or send me an email through my contact page!