Get control of your email with one easy resource

Problem: Do you ever wake up in the morning, roll over to check your phone to see whats going on.........

wait scratch that

do you ever get up in the morning, pray, read your Bible, eat a healthy breakfast, shower, get dressed and THEN check your email on your phone......(I'm sure many of you relate to THIS scenario more than the first, right?) ;-)

........only to find that you have a bazillion emails in your inbox from various stores, online retailers, Groupon, Groupon Goods, Groupon travel, Groupon vacations and every other place that you may have provided your email address to at some point or another? 

You don't necessarily want to unsubscribe to all of them because what if at some point you need 20% off undies from Jockey or you want to find out the sale this week at Old Navy or when you have 5 min of downtime you might want to check out whats new and in stock over at Joss & Main? 

But you are also tired of deleting all of these emails literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. from your inbox. 

Man oh man, do I have a resource for you!!! 

control your email | Photography Education is this FAB new resource that I discovered about two weeks ago and let me tell you, I am LOVING it. It has saved me so much time deleting emails, it has helped me to keep my email box nice and clean and important emails ONLY in my inbox. If you have the same issue I describe above, I really think this solution can work for you too!! 

How works

Basically this is a program that you sign up for and give access to your email box...(don't worry its not scary!!) Its totally free and totally amazing. 

It crawls through your email and finds subscriptions that you have signed up for. Then you can go through the process of

  • leaving those emails in your inbox
  • unsubscribing (YES! In one easy more having to look at the bottom of the email, finding the link, unsubscribing and then wondering if it worked!)
  • or adding them to your ROLL UP

If you add subscriptions to your roll up, you will get ONE daily email with all of those emails INCLUDED. So you can quickly scroll through that ONE email and see if there is anything worth looking at. 

  • No more deleting
  • No more drowning in hundreds of emails you may not care about

Ok, I kind of feel like a salesman right now, but I promise, has no idea I even exist and all of these opinions are my own, but when I find something that I honestly think can be helpful for other people, I can't help but share my excitement. 

I made a little video to help describe what this all actually looks like in your inbox, so check it out and then go over to and SIGN UP! 

(or you can go on deleting thousands of emails...up to you!) wink, wink