Website design and setup // Deborah Ann Photography

I haven't talked much about this before since it hasn't really been an "official" part of my business (and honestly it still isn't super official) but I've been doing some Squarespace website building for some people I know personally and I thought it was about time to start sharing some of that here on the blog!

Given my love for all things Squarespace and my passion and interest in the platform, it's something I find myself talking about a LOT, not only on this blog but also in life when I'm around my other creative friends. One of the main issues I find most creative business owners encounter is finding a good website platform that will work well for them as well as be easy to update and tweak as necessary without having to hire a designer to make every little change for you. 

Squarespace is an obvious solution to that problem and lots of people are interested in getting a site set up and working but aren't super interested in taking a large amount of time to figure out that portion.

Enter Cinnamon! 

Despite the fact that I am NOT a graphic designer by any means, I know the SS platform well enough that I can integrate current design elements that business owners might have and pair that with an easy navigation that makes sense for what the business owner wants their clients to DO once they arrive on their website. Getting a site created, choosing a template and then setting up navigation, indexes, galleries and a blog is all something I can do easily and I love helping out my fellow creativeprenuers get all set up and then teaching them the back end of the platform so that they can take the reigns as soon as I am done! Its a great set up and one that I am so glad I have been able to help people with! 

Today I'd like to introduce you to Debbie from deborahannphotography! Debbie is a dear friend of mine who I met in the craziest way (God totally brought us together through a ShootSac!) and her website was old and clunky and hard to navigate and update. 

We got her going on Squarespace and since then she has been a blogging monster!! She is just killing it with her blogging and I am so proud of her for taking on this new challenge of getting a website up and running that was functional and beautiful and she is just loving it! 

Squarespace site design and build

Debbie purchased a beautiful new logo off of Etsy and then we decided on the clean and classic Avenue template to get her started. 

Help building my Squarespace website | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Debbie wanted her site to be very easy to navigate so we went with a standard navigation menu including all of the relevant tabs. We included her published badges on the bottom of the home page and also included her location in the footer so that would show on every page of her site. 

Building my Squarespace website

My favorite part of her site build was how we built the blog page. She wanted blog posts to be really easy to find, so we set her actual blog to be an unlinked page, and then we created this page which included her main blog "categories" to show in her navigation bar. 

We chose four images to represent the categories and then added a click through URL to each image that connected to a page that we set up for each category. 

Building my squarespace website

On each of those pages we set up a summary block to pull the latest blog posts from each categories. This way once you click on what category you want to see you are instantly brought to those recent posts. Love it! 

Building my Squarespace website

I love how Debbie's site turned out and she now feels confident enough to make changes as she might need to in the future. Go check out her site and leave her some love on a recent blog post! 

Here are Debbie's thoughts on our process! 

What were you looking for most in your new website? 

I think the most important thing was switching to a user friendly site and one that would grow with my business.  Squarespace seemed like the perfect fit! I wanted to have more of a presence in the area of SEO and having a blog built right into my site seemed like the perfect and most convenient way for me to start to blog!

What is your favorite aspect of your new website? 

I think I love the look of it but mostly how organized it is.  I dislike when I visit a site and I try to find certain blog posts and cannot get there. Here with Squarespace it is in a very organized manner.

What was your favorite part of the design/set up process? 

I didn't do the setup myself but I had a strong influence with my designer to really customize it to my brand and it is beautiful! 

What do you enjoy the most about working on the Squarespace platform? 

Once again, I think that the user friendly part of it is awesome and I love clicking through the subjects and making easy changes in regards to pictures, changing the blog posts, adding additional blog posts.

Any other thoughts you want to share? 

Overall, I could not be happier with this choice for me. I believe it will not be outdated anytime soon and I feel that there is so much room to grow with Squarespace. I highly recommend it!

If you are looking to transfer your site to Squarespace or set up a new Squarespace site and are not sure where to start, email me at and we can chat about options!