Squarespace website design // Margot Weil

Even though I've been working away like a madman on quite a few website designs, I haven't been able to show one off since I blogged about deborahannphotography's site from a few months back!

I am so excited to share a little bit of the process and thought that went into the newest website that is now complete and live out there on the interwebs. I had the pleasure of meeting Margot as a referral from another one of my awesome website clients, Style Concierge (site reveal coming soon!). Margot is a Child and Adult Psychologist working in NYC and she was in desperate need of an online home.

Even though Margot is pretty technology proficient, she didn't have the time to invest in fully figuring how to get her website all set up and communicating what she wanted to communicate. Enter Cinnamon! 

I love how the site came out and even though our first initial design was much different, the final scrolling website suits Margot and her business perfectly and I am so proud of our accomplishment! 

Hayden Template

We chose the Hayden template for its ability to communicate everything Margot needed to communicate on ONE scrolling page (which is AWESOME for mobile viewing.) Clients can see what services she provides, find out a little bit more about her and then view her contact from all without having to click any other buttons or menu navigation items. 

Getty Images

We utilized the Getty images available within Squarespace to get her some images ($10 each, you can NOT beat that!!) that told the story that she wanted to convey on her site. If you haven't considered using the Getty images that are available through Squarespace I would highly recommend looking into it! Especially if you are not a photographer and don't have tons of images available to use. 

Simple and Efficient

Even though Margot's website is not complicated by any means, it is incredibly efficient and accomplishes its intended goal: inform potential clients and provide an avenue for them to contact Margot. Simple and perfect!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Margot on her site and I am excited to work with her again in the future on some possible family photos in the city! Fun!! 

Are you interested in building a Squarespace site but don't know where to start? Hit me up and we can chat about how I can help!!