Website design and build // Style Concierge

design for squarespace website

I met Jennifer at one of the local Rising Tide meetings a few months ago. It was her first meeting and we happened to be sitting near each other so we chatted most of the evening and instantly connected. She was in the process of getting a website together and was looking for help! 

We got together not long after that and talked about how I could help get her up and running on Squarespace quickly and efficiently. We talked about how she wanted to communicate a clean look that was simple and effortless and highlighted her styling aesthetic. 

I instantly had a vision of communicating the fact that she was a stylist through three vertical images on her home page. We also wanted incorporate an informative about me page, a place for her to showcase some of her design style, info about how the whole process worked as well as a blog and contact page. 

personal stylist in Northern NJ

We used Om as a template which would showcase her logo perfectly as well as provide some of the linear elements to break up the page. Grey, white and black were our main color palette to communicate simple sophistication. Om also offers a blog sidebar, which I consider a must have for any blogger. 

personal stylist in northern NJ
personal stylist in Northern NJ

Images used throughout her site were taken by Berit Bizjak and myself. 

The designs highlighted on her In My Closet page were designed using Polyvore and she changes them out every now and then to showcase different styles and outfit inspiration. 

I am so excited with the end result of this Squarespace design and even more excited that I got to test the waters with another creative who is not a photographer. Squarespace is so versatile and user friendly that it works for so many types of entrepreneurs in the creative industry! 

Jennifer from Style Concierge is still in the process of getting her Journal (blog) up and running but go check out her site and click around and leave her some love! Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of her site is!