Why should you hire a private photo editor? 

Focus on what matters most

Outsourcing to a private editor gives you the time back you desperately need to focus on areas of your business that matter the most. You can spend more time generating income or serving your clients if you aren't chained behind the computer editing all of your sessions 



Can I get an amen? 

Working with one person who cares about taking care of you will ensure a much higher level of consistency. No more emailing back and forth and always getting a different person. No more process and systems changing on you without your knowledge. Consistency for the win! 


Private Photo Editing Services

Editing to match your style

I have an awesome system in place to help ensure that your personal style is achieved on every photo in your gallery. We can utilize your current presets or create a new one. 

Simple system for sharing & delivery

I use dropbox and Lightroom Smart Previews to ensure that we can both have access to your catalog and nothing ends up going through email. Simple, fast and easy.  


Lightening fast delivery

I work with a limited number of clients in order to ensure that I am always able to deliver galleries back to you within 5 business days. No more waiting around for weeks...get your images back and get them delivered and be the superstar for your clients! Who doesn't want that? 

Personal attention to detail 

I care about the quality of images you deliver to your clients. I've been there, I understand that sending off that gallery can be a stressful moment. We will work together to nail down our process to ensure you feel confident with every finished gallery!


How does it work?


I like to make things simple and easy! Once you reach out to me we will schedule a phone call or skype date so I can find out more about you, your business and your editing style. 

We will discuss my process for working on your images, pricing and delivery times. If we both feel like this is a good fit, we will schedule your first job! 

I only work with a limited number of photographers per year to ensure the highest level of attention and service. 

Are you ready to take editing off your plate? 


Kind Words



Lauren Simmons Photography

I knew I needed to hire an editor so that I could spend more time with my son during the day. I contacted person after person and somehow I was led to Cinnamon! She edits all my photos so quickly and perfectly to my style and goes above and beyond with every session or wedding I send her. Recently, her edits have come out more "my style" than my blog edits I send her! She also communicates with such thoughtfulness and understanding. I couldn't be more thankful that I found her! She's a huge part of my business's success!


Not ready to hand over those galleries?

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