Tehachapi day trip

Paul and I were playing around with our cameras and wanted to take a little day trip to go and practice. We decided to hit up Tehachapi which is about 45 min away. We chose Tehachapi mostly due to the fact that they have a Sonic and we wanted some cherry limeades. Here are some snaps from our trip.

I don't have any pics that Paul took mostly just because I am lazy and didn't have time to go through his SD card yet. But he did get some good snaps so I will have to post some of those later. He did take the one of me. Obvs. ;-) 

The mountains near the bottom are from Red Rock Canyon which is on the road to Ridgecrest, maybe about 30 min outside of town. We drive through them all the time so this time we decided to actually stop and get a closer look. Enjoy looking through our lens.