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Should I hire a wedding planner for my wedding? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | North NJ Wedding Photographer

by Ashley Peraino 

Before I dive into if you should hire a wedding planner, I want to discuss the different services wedding planners offer.

Full planning

This is the service where your planner does the legwork in finding you the perfect venue, the best photographer, and handles all of the aspects of your wedding. We attend meetings with you, review all of the contracts and keep copies, and overall work with you to ensure your day is exactly how you imagined.

Partial Planning

Not all planners offer this service but this is the best for the couple that has a few vendors secured, but needs help with finding the rest.  You can choose from a menu of services, if you have the venue but still need the florist, photographer, and caterer, partial planning is the best for you.

Month of Coordinator

Many people refer to this as “day of coordinator” but it’s much more than that. We help about 4-6 weeks before your big day, which is why many planners refer to it as Month of Coordinator. We create timelines and connect with all of your wedding vendors; we are also there for any last minute thoughts and feedback. We then are there to execute and run your big day worry free!

Should I hire a wedding planner for my wedding? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | North NJ Wedding Photographer

 Photo by Laura Lee Photography

So, should you hire a wedding planner? This is a loaded question, but plain and simple: yes. When you first get engaged, it leads to a huge rush of emotions and thoughts. Even if you are beyond excited to start planning your wedding and you already have ideas of what you want, having a planner can help you focus your vision and make it happen. Some people perceive that once a couple hires a planner, they give away all the reigns and control. Not true!! We work with you! Many planners offer different packages so you can find one that fits within your needs and budget. If you have been dying to work with a specific florist, your planner will make it happen! Having a wedding planner will make the overall planning process less stressful and worrisome to the couple.

Planners also help with staying on budget. Logistics are part of our job, not just the pretty designs aspects. No matter what your budget is, 20k or 100k, you set that budget for a reason and we help ensure you stay within that. Another misconception is that couples can’t afford a wedding planner. You will actually save time and money when booking a wedding planner. For example, you didn’t realize you only booked your photographer for 8 hours, which ends at 10pm, but your cake cutting isn’t scheduled until 11pm, you will end up paying more money to keep the photographer there for extra hours. Your planner would have caught this and made all of the correct scheduling adjustments.

Have you ever googled “New York City wedding photographers”? The number of options are overwhelming! As wedding planners, we have done our research and know which vendors will match your exact needs.  Planners work hard to network and build relationships with all different types of wedding professionals and we can match your needs and style with the perfect vendors.

Should I hire a wedding planner? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | North NJ Wedding Photographer

Photo by Twah Dougherty 

If you do not hire a full or partial wedding planner, please consider hiring a month of wedding coordinator.

If you plan your whole wedding day down to the last detail, you need someone to execute it. You should not rely on your bridesmaids or family members. They are there to celebrate with you and share this big day with you, not to worry about whether the menus are placed on each plate, with the band running late, with your cousins’ date who had too much to drink.

Although your venue may offer a venue coordinator or a bridal attendant, which is amazing and we work WITH these people, the venue coordinator is primarily concerned with the venue. They will help with coordinating all of the vendors arrivals, but they have to make sure that the venue responsibilities are taken care of first. If the florist is late and the venue coordinator is helping set up tables, the day of coordinator is there to solve the problem. We are always thinking a step ahead and are there to make sure that everything is to the couples liking. 

As a wedding planner, I love love. I want to plan the wedding that has been in the bride's’ head since she was five years old. I want to cry happy tears when she sends me a picture of her wedding dress. I get so invested in our couples and truly do anything to make sure that their day is perfection. Find a planner that you connect with and who shares your excitement for your wedding dreams.

Should I hire a wedding planner? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | North NJ Wedding Photographer

I am a wedding planner based in NYC. Curating beautiful events and seeing every last detail come to a whole is what excites me. Lover of dogs, details, & home cooked meals. 

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