Cali's 1 year cake smash

I worked with Courtney during the holiday season when her dad and sister were in town. She arranged a session for grandpa and the girls and the grandkids that was so special. We had such a good time and she and her family were so pleased with the final images of grandpa enjoying his family. Courtney knew that Paul and I were likely to be headed out this year and we kept in close contact regarding the date because she already had ideas brewing for sweet little Cali Elena's 1 year cake smash session. 

Once we finally had orders in hand we got a better handle on timing. Cali's birthday is on July 2nd and since I will be already out of town by then we scheduled this session as close to that as possible without me being too entirely stressed from moving activities. 

And even though we will be on the road later this week, I couldn't resist sharing this amazingly sweet little girls first experience with some very tasty sugar. I loved Courtney's vision with the Japanese tea set as well as the fun 4th of July outfit. Cali is full of smiles and is such a happy baby that she has been an absolute joy to work with. 

Even though she didn't go full force into smashing that cake, she did give us a good laugh when she toppled over right on top of it! I got a little bit of that on record (the very last images in this post) as well as her pushing the cake right off the stand. Such a little ham. 

Courtney, Tom and Cali, it has been a pleasure to know you during my time here in Ridgecrest and I can't wait to see the fun photos I am sure you will have of this sweet little girl as she grows!