not one but TWO {twin pregnancy reveal}!!

I woke up Friday morning knowing that my friend was pregnant, I was NOT however expecting the phone call late morning from the hospital parking lot telling me she just found out it was TWINS. 


She was laughing and crying and crying and laughing. She said, "we NEED to do something to announce this!" 

By Friday evening at 6pm we had these pictures captured so she could announce on social media over the weekend. 

Our jobs can be tough. Emails, phone calls, setting expectations, worrying about pricing, needing validation for our art, wondering if we are "good enough".....

Our jobs can also be amazing

These photos have solidified and captured a memory not only for this family but for me. They will look back at these photos and remember the emotions and feelings and happiness and nervousness and joy. I am so glad I am able to be a part of that.

Congratulations Christmans!  


Bugan/Sawyer Family! // Ridgecrest Family Photographer

THIS happened a few weeks ago!

I haven't had an opportunity to do a pregnancy reveal yet, and this was a GREAT one for my first! This family is just the cutest! I've worked with Kristen before and she really wanted to get some family shots done and incorporate a pregnancy reveal in her session so she could finally let the cat out of the bag to her friends. 

We had a great time running around a beautiful park in Apple Valley and by running, I mean running. Her little guys kept me on my toes! We had a great time though and ended up with some beautiful shots of everyone.