The end part of last week was HECTIC. Like crazy hectic. To top off how busy it was, I also had a failed sleep study last Wednesday night (and by "failed" I mean I didn't sleep a wink the whole night), which meant that I was exhausted at the front end of an extremely busy three days. 

On Thursday I took pics of the football team for the school my stepson goes too. Right after that I had a senior session that I can't wait to blog about!!

Friday, Paul and I were out of the house at 5:30am to get to a work event in a city FOUR hours away. We spent the day at this even and then drove home. Got home around 8 and was asleep probably 10 minutes later. 

Saturday was the Homecoming Football game and I took pictures of coronation which occurred at halftime. Then I met up with a beautiful gal for her homecoming "mini" session. Then I headed to the school to take Homecoming formals and dance photos. Let's just say that by Saturday evening... I.... was..... done. 

Loving everything that came out of my camera though! Enjoy! 


Don't mess with these dudes. 

Isn't she gorgeous? 

This is the boys part of the Homecoming court. My stepson was the Sophomore Prince! So proud. 

I love these photos!! So much energy and fun!