Launch day for cinnamonwolfe(dot)co!!

The day is FINALLY here. cinnamonwolfe(dot)co is live and out there in the world. It seems like it took forever to get here and also came so fast that I can't believe its actually March of 2017 and this is happening. 


In all transparency, I can't even pinpoint when this idea that is now officially really started. I think it was more of an organic that took me a while to fully form in my head. 

The process. I think? 

It started when we moved to New Jersey and I needed blog content since we were brand new in town and it was going to take me a while to get established with clients. I actually really enjoy blogging and writing in general so I started writing more educational content about blogging and doing things in Squarespace. It resonated with people. 

I consistently had feedback that I had a way of explaining things that people could really understand. The way I broke things down just made sense to people and they enjoyed the content I was putting out. I loved the tech-y and business-y side of running a photography business and I also loved teaching so I guess it all made sense even though I wasn't totally conscious of it at the time. 

All the while I was attending Tuesdays Together meetings and making tons of local connections. I started offering blog outsourcing. I started offering website help for those who were feeling overwhelmed with putting a website together. I started offering coaching and mentoring for newer photographers and business owners who just needed someone to talk through some of the issues they were having. 

And I was loving it. 

I also was really beginning to notice a phenomena that was flying around in the online world that really sat with me the wrong way. The fact that people seemed to be talking about introversion and extroversion in ways that weren't really accurate. 

what does it mean to be an introvert?

I noticed a lot of people describing themselves as extroverted introverts or introverted extroverts (which logically doesn't even really make sense, although I think I get what they were trying to say).

I felt this tug that people knew this subject of temperament was important but the stereotype was still alive and well ---> introverts are shy and hate people and extroverts are outgoing and friendly (and maybe a little loud.) 

As with most stereotypes, this comes from somewhere, but in the research and study I have done in the past, there is just flat out a lot of misinformation and misconception about what it means to actually have an introverted or extroverted temperament and I have a big desire to help others understand their own temperaments better. In order to not only help serve their businesses, but to help serve their lives. 

So the idea of a separate site, filled with awesome educational resources started to form. I thought long and hard about keeping everything here on Cinnamon Wolfe Photography, but in the end, since my main goal is not really to teach or education ON wedding photography, it made sense for me to move it to a new home. was taken?

In the super early stages, I looked to buy, but someone had already snatched it up....4 days before I checked. Ouch, that hurt. I did email the guy, but he never got back to me. So I started thinking about names and how I wanted to structure this. I felt like I wanted to keep it with my own name for a couple of reasons 1) Its unique 2) Its memorable 3) Maintains a connection to me since it will essentially be a personality based business. 

I looked at different options, but the "outdated" .org and .net or .info just didn't feel right. I had seen a couple of websites around that had the .co designation so I looked it up. The general impression was that it was kind of the "new and fresh" way of domains. cinnamon wolfe dot co was available so that solidified it for me. That would be the domain and name for my new venture. 

Next steps

I vetted this idea with a couple of friends for feedback and advice. Then I started to really form out the process of what this would all look like in real life. I got the website started, worked with a friend on branding, brainstormed ideas for blog posts, resources, courses and e-books and step by step, day by day, it started coming together. 

I started *really* working on this late summer of 2016 so all in all it was about an 8 month process. Life was still happening in the middle of all of this including weddings, travel and the holidays. Plus working with other people schedules and timelines pushed things back from time to time as well. But in the end, the timing worked out perfectly and I am so happy today is the day. 

What's next?

Well, in addition to the new website, in true overachiever fashion, Paul and I have also decided to launch a podcast!! That is a whole other story for another day, but we have big plans for that as well.

This is also our last year in New Jersey as Paul is submitting his retirement paperwork (TODAY actually) and we will likely be selling our house, moving back to Seattle and settling there for good all within the next 12 months. That's a LOT to think about and deal with in addition to moving my photography business AGAIN. However, I am trusting in God's plan and I know that He will take care of us, because well, he always has.

And I don't mean take care of as in "everything always works out perfectly", because let me tell you...things definitely do not work out how I want them too...hardly ever actually! BUT remaining humble and grateful for this life we've been given, being good stewards of the talents and resources we have and putting God and our marriage first will always result in being taken care of...even if we have to eat ramen noodles for 6 months and live in our car! HA! 

Come celebrate with me!

I would be humbled and honored if you would come over to my new (second) home on the internet and celebrate with me. Grab one of my awesome resources (I would suggest the Tool Box!), leave a blog comment, submit a photo in How I got the Shot or listen to one of our podcast episodes. Whatever floats your boat. I would love to have you!

Hugs!! ~C

Birthday Bucket List

Image from TwigyPosts

It's my birthday. 


Funny how that works right? ;-)

To celebrate, I'm at a work function with Paul. There is a whole ball happening right on my birthday. What are the odds of that? Should be a super fun time. 

In addition to all that celebrating, I'm also celebrating by following up to last years posts where I listed out 40 of my "photography bucket list" items. I crossed quite a few of them off last year and I wanted to just kind of soak in that for a little bit this year! 

Here is the list that I posted last year and my status!! Now, I'm going to have some cake! 

Birthday Bucket List

1 // Shoot a double exposure

2 // Shoot a romantic shot in the rain using flash

3 // Shoot a proposal

4 // Shoot on a ferris wheel, ski lift or rowboat

5 // Shoot a wedding in a European country

6 // Shoot a destination wedding in a tropical country

7 // Speak at a local or national photography or business conference

YES!! The Reset Workshop in January 2017 and I will be speaking at another local workshop in March! 

8 // Start a podcast

Hint, hint...this might be checked off next year! 

9 // Write a blog post on a national or large audience blog

My post was one of the top 16 posts on Click it up a Notch! 

10 // Be featured in a national wedding blog

x 2!! Devon & David's wedding was featured on Lace & Loyalty and Carly & Sean were featured on Cake & Lace!

11 // Take a self portrait every day for a month

12 // Shoot a wedding or session in at least 25 different states (five down, 21 to go - California, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York) 

13 // Sell a piece of artwork 

14 // Hire an assistant

15 // Grow my mentorship/coaching program

YES! Hard to quantify this exactly, but I have had multiple mentoring and coaching clients this past year and am on track to book more going forward! 

16 // Create resources and community for introverted creatives and photographers

Coming March 1st! 

17 // Host a workshop for those same people 

18 // Teach a photography class to high school kids or young adults

19 // Shoot a session in NYC

20 // Shoot an awesome light painting or fireworks shot

21 // Have a photo place in the top 3 in a photo contest

22 // Shoot an in-home engagement session

23 // Create a resource library for budding photographer entrepreneurs

Also coming March 1st!! So excited! 

24 // Shoot an engagement session with a dog(s)

Also x2! Alyssa & Glen and David & Jess!

25 // Host a series of webinars

26 // Be published in a magazine

27 // Grow my email list to 1000+ subscribers

28 // Shoot a wedding on top of a mountain

29 // Shoot a wedding on a beach

30 // Shoot a ridiculously amazing sunset 

31 // Publish a blog post that goes viral

This post has pretty much gone viral in my opinion. It has almost 70,000 impressions on Pinterest!  

32 // Book a wedding through Instagram

33 // Have Paul join me in my business when he is done with the Army

34 // Create a 6 figure income with my business so we can give back

35 // Attend a Creative Live session in person (in Seattle) 

36 // Shoot a wedding in Seattle and Albuquerque

I did shoot a wedding in Seattle in 2016! 

37 // Shoot a session at the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque

38 // Shoot a surprise wedding

39 // Do one creative personal photography project per year

40 // Continually learn and continually teach (<---I know thats not really something I can cross off, but it's something I want to strive for!)