Birthday Bucket List

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It's my birthday. 


Funny how that works right? ;-)

To celebrate, I'm at a work function with Paul. There is a whole ball happening right on my birthday. What are the odds of that? Should be a super fun time. 

In addition to all that celebrating, I'm also celebrating by following up to last years posts where I listed out 40 of my "photography bucket list" items. I crossed quite a few of them off last year and I wanted to just kind of soak in that for a little bit this year! 

Here is the list that I posted last year and my status!! Now, I'm going to have some cake! 

Birthday Bucket List

1 // Shoot a double exposure

2 // Shoot a romantic shot in the rain using flash

3 // Shoot a proposal

4 // Shoot on a ferris wheel, ski lift or rowboat

5 // Shoot a wedding in a European country

6 // Shoot a destination wedding in a tropical country

7 // Speak at a local or national photography or business conference

YES!! The Reset Workshop in January 2017 and I will be speaking at another local workshop in March! 

8 // Start a podcast

Hint, hint...this might be checked off next year! 

9 // Write a blog post on a national or large audience blog

My post was one of the top 16 posts on Click it up a Notch! 

10 // Be featured in a national wedding blog

x 2!! Devon & David's wedding was featured on Lace & Loyalty and Carly & Sean were featured on Cake & Lace!

11 // Take a self portrait every day for a month

12 // Shoot a wedding or session in at least 25 different states (five down, 21 to go - California, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York) 

13 // Sell a piece of artwork 

14 // Hire an assistant

15 // Grow my mentorship/coaching program

YES! Hard to quantify this exactly, but I have had multiple mentoring and coaching clients this past year and am on track to book more going forward! 

16 // Create resources and community for introverted creatives and photographers

Coming March 1st! 

17 // Host a workshop for those same people 

18 // Teach a photography class to high school kids or young adults

19 // Shoot a session in NYC

20 // Shoot an awesome light painting or fireworks shot

21 // Have a photo place in the top 3 in a photo contest

22 // Shoot an in-home engagement session

23 // Create a resource library for budding photographer entrepreneurs

Also coming March 1st!! So excited! 

24 // Shoot an engagement session with a dog(s)

Also x2! Alyssa & Glen and David & Jess!

25 // Host a series of webinars

26 // Be published in a magazine

27 // Grow my email list to 1000+ subscribers

28 // Shoot a wedding on top of a mountain

29 // Shoot a wedding on a beach

30 // Shoot a ridiculously amazing sunset 

31 // Publish a blog post that goes viral

This post has pretty much gone viral in my opinion. It has almost 70,000 impressions on Pinterest!  

32 // Book a wedding through Instagram

33 // Have Paul join me in my business when he is done with the Army

34 // Create a 6 figure income with my business so we can give back

35 // Attend a Creative Live session in person (in Seattle) 

36 // Shoot a wedding in Seattle and Albuquerque

I did shoot a wedding in Seattle in 2016! 

37 // Shoot a session at the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque

38 // Shoot a surprise wedding

39 // Do one creative personal photography project per year

40 // Continually learn and continually teach (<---I know thats not really something I can cross off, but it's something I want to strive for!)