The CWP Refresh for 2017

Putting a proper "face" on your business is no easy task. Its probably one of the absolute hardest parts about running a business. Figuring out how to visually represent yourself, your character in a way that also attracts clients you are aching to work with is not something you just KNOW how to do out of the gate. I don't know any small business owner who hasn't made some tweaks and changes along the way. 

I decided my look needed some refreshing a little earlier this year. Its been quite the year indeed and I have learned a lot about business, photography and who I am and strive to be as both a photographer and business owner. While I feel like my "brand" communicates what I want it too, the main visual side of it (the logo) wasn't totally cutting it. I want my visual identity to be professional and also friendly and that can be a tough bridge to gap. 


I was talking about all of this with a very good friend of mine who happens to be a designer late this past summer. I was hoping to gain some design insights from her as well as potentially get a recommendation of someone to work with. Much to my utter surprise, she offered to help me out. She knows me pretty well and get's my style and aesthetic, so I was more than willing to do this project with her. I am so excited about where we have ended up and even more excited for what's to come! 

 While my color palette remained similar, the colors are more muted and soft which I love. Since I was also creating a new brand for at the same time, both brands needed to be connected but also separated and we did that through the use of colors and fonts. 

I have lots of logo choices for various different media and am pretty much obsessed with my new "W". I want to put it on everything. LOL. 


While the logo is updated on the site and some other various things are updated around the site as well, I have a lot to change on my various pages and blog posts. Lots of work to come, but I'm so excited the new look and feel of Cinnamon Wolfe Photography is refreshed and ready to go for 2017!