BRAND LAUNCH!! {and giveaway!}

Saying that I am excited for today is an understatement. I have been looking forward to today since late January when I initially discovered Lauren and the services she provided. 

I would not describe going through the branding process as easy, although Lauren did everything she could to make the process go as smoothly as possible, despite some overwhelming things happening in both of our lives during the process. She was so careful to listen and implement feedback that I had and I truly felt like this was a joint effort. I'm so thrilled the day is finally here to reveal all of results of our hard work! 

There comes a tipping point of sorts in every small business owners process where they have to make a decision: are they going to take these business dreams of their seriously or is this more of a hobby? There is nothing inherently wrong with either choice, but depending on what you choose, you need to take certain actions. I knew for a while that this business is something I want to take to the next level and I knew that branding was a non-negotiable as a part of that process. 

I am so pleased to finally reveal the new look and feel of Cinnamon Wolfe Photography. If you have been following along you also know that following this brand is a move! My family and I are picking up and moving from California to New Jersey in two weeks!! This means lots of changes for CWP, but they are all positive changes that I can't wait to implement. 

cinnamon wolfe photography brand board

One of these changes includes a new emphasis on community and mentoring for photographers and other small business owners in the creative industry. That includes a continued focus on robust and helpful blog content as well as a newsletter that will go out periodically which will be chock full of what I hope will be incredibly useful information for photographers and business owners. Sign up here! 

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Alright! Let's get down to the fun stuff shall we?? If you've been following on Instagram or Facebook, you know I've got a couple of giveaways planned in order to celebrate this occasion!! 

The "BIG" giveaway: 

  • Kelly Moore Esther bag in Sapphire
  • a 20x30 canvas print from CGPro (thats BIG you guys!) 
  • 16x20 frame from Design Aglow

In addition to the "BIG" giveaway, I'm ALSO doing a "mini" giveaway on Instagram! Make sure you head over to my profile to enter that giveaway as well!

Giveaway entries are open until Midnight, June 18th and the winners will be announced on June 19th! ****Both giveaways valid for US and UK residents only! 

Cinnamon Wolfe Photography Brand Launch Giveaway