The Dufresne Family // Budd Lake Family Photographer

Budd Lake Family Photographer

The first year of life is always such a special time to document and celebrate. I loved working with the adorable Dufresne family on their 1 year photos of joy and love since Josiah entered their life!!

Josiah has the cutest head of hair AND the cutest smile I think I have ever seen. I mean c'mon! Just look at how adorable he is! We had a great time capturing some images in their home in the places they love spending the most as a family and then we braved the cold and went and took a few outside in the snow. (I'll tell you though, none of us lasted very was COLD!) 

We captured some great memories however and now this awesome, joyful and loving family has some amazing art on their walls to now enjoy for years to come! Some of my favorites from their session below!