McClelland Family // Ridgecrest Family

This is my second time working with the McClelland Family. I am always so honored and humbled when clients trust me with their memories and images over and over. Tammy is such an amazing lady and I am constantly inspired by her. Her son and my stepson go to school together and have been on various sports teams together. Tammy is constantly communicating to everyone and organizing what seems to be a thousand things at once. She keeps us sports parents informed and on point. She puts in countless hours volunteering at the school and is a constant encouragement to the students and parents. 

North NJ Photographer

I totally relate and appreciate her family of three because that is how I grew up as well. Being an only child has its privileges and drawbacks and I feel like its a rare but amazing family dynamic. We had a great time chatting about their recent trip to Hawaii and Christians senior year next year. Its my hope and prayer that God puts amazing families like this one in our lives when we move to New Jersey. I will miss you McClellands!! Come visit us for a trip to NYC!