Wood Family // Ridgecrest Family Photographer

Finding a hair stylist when you move to a new city is never easy. Its actually one of the things I am dreading the most about our move. Luckily, I have been fortunate and blessed to have found amazingly personable and talented hair stylists both in Seattle and in Ridgecrest.


I can't help but think of how similar the experience must be to finding a photographer! You want someone who "gets" you, who will make you feel comfortable, who will listen...really listen....to what you want and advise you on what will help you to look your best! Spending an hour in a chair while someone is above you wielding scissors can be just as vulnerable as stepping in front of someones camera lens. 

Esthela has been making my hair look beautiful throughout my entire time living in Ridgecrest. I went to her shop on a friends recommendation and she was available for new clients. We clicked right away and she just knows how to work my locks in a way that always makes me feel so good when I leave. She remembers things about my life that even sometimes I forget. I will be sad to leave her and her trustworthy hands this summer, but I am so glad I was able to get together with her and her beautiful daughter and hubby to capture some shiny memories. Little Alessia is just over the 1 year mark and is the spitting image of both her parents. We had so much fun! Thanks Esthela for taking great care of my tresses, we will miss you!