Kelly Moore Jude bag // review continued...

This is a follow up to THIS POST where I initially reviewed my Kelly Moore Jude bag. 

After using this bag for all of my Albuquerque sessions as well as the sessions I have had in Ridgecrest since then, AND at the wedding I shot last weekend (so exited to talk more about this!), I have some further thoughts on my Jude camera bag. 

Basically I love it. Like love love love it. I am so happy I decided to go with this bag. 

kelly moore jude bag review by cinnamon wolfe photography

What I love:

I love the fact that it is so big and can literally carry pretty much everything I need for a wedding. Well except for light stands and umbrellas of course...but you know what I mean. There are pockets on the outside for all the little stuff (batteries, SD Cards, cloths, pens, lippy etc...) while the inside can easily old all the bodies, lenses and flashes that you need for the day. For regular sessions its even better because I usually only bring two or three lenses with me for regular sessions. 

I love the fact that it sits upright on the ground and the top opens up so wide. I don't have to worry about it tipping over and all of my stuff tumbling out. I can easily reach in and grab whatever I need when I need it. I can also just set my camera in it when I am posing or setting people up as well, so actually since I started using this bag, I stopped wearing my camera strap because I found it unnecessary. 

As with almost all other Kelly Moore bags I love that it has shorter handles as well as a cross body strap. It just makes it so convenient. 

What I don't love:

(Even though I love this bag so much, there are a couple of things that I don't love and/or suggest to make this bag even better!! )

When its packed full of stuff, it is HEAVY. Granted any bag packed with heavy equipment is going to obvs be heavy, but this bag is tough to carry around when its FULL. What I found myself wishing is that it had a pop up handle and some rollers on the bottom so when I am in the airport I can just roll it instead of try to carry it. Since I am of course not going to check my camera gear, I need to carry it on the plane and this was rough. So much so that I will probably buy a little roller cart to use with it the next time I fly. 

The inside is all black. Seems like a small and insignificant thing, but it is definitely a design flaw. When the inside of your bag is black it makes it almost impossible to find anything inside! Granted most of the stuff inside it is larger, but I had some sunglasses that I threw in there the other day and it took me like 5 min to find them since I had to feel around every single spot for them since I couldn't see anything inside the bag. A lighter color for the inside of this bag is really really necessary. It obviously isn't going to change the fact that I still love the bag, but I would love it even that much more if it had a lighter colored interior. 

And there you have it! If you are in the market for a great bag that can hold a lot of stuff and looks stylish and is relatively easy to carry around, the Kelly Moore Jude bag will not disappoint! 

All opinions in this blog post are my own. I was not compensated by Kelly Moore for this post although I would not be opposed at all to her sending me any of her new product to do a review on! HA!