Kelly Moore Jude bag // Review

kelly moore jude bag review by cinnamon wolfe photography

Yep. I got a new bag. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who really knows me because I seem to have a "bag problem." I just love bags. And I am always on the quest to find the perfect bag. I have come very close but as my quest has continued, I am getting closer to the realization that the perfect bag most likely just does not exist, and that's OK. 

Mostly because that means that I get to have more than one bag!! =) 

I've had my other Kelly Moore bag (the Two Sues) for almost a year now and I still love it. However, I decided I needed a BIGGER bag for two reasons. 1) travel. 2) I recently booked my first wedding (YAY!!) and need something I can pretty much carry EVERYTHING in so I don't have to lug three or four bags with me around the wedding. 

After much research I decided the Kelly Moore Jude bag was the one for me. 

So far, I am liking it event though I haven't really used it for anything. Reasons I like it so far:

  • Its big. It has plenty of room to carry two bodies, four lenses, three flashes and other odds and ends
  • It sits upright when I sit it on the ground and opens wide at the top so I can get to stuff quickly
  • Lots of padding. My stuff feels protected
  • Short straps and a long cross body strap
  • I really like the canvas/leather combo. Looks classy without being too "flashy'

I took this bag with me to Albuquerque for my #albsessions so I will update with my thoughts on the flip side!