Sansom // Ridgecrest Large Family Photographer

I was so excited when Sheri messaged me about doing family pictures again this year. Last year we went up to Alabama Hills in Lone Pine and captured some of my favorite images to date. This years session is really competing however for that title. 

large family photography

I could not ask for a better, easier family to photograph. They always bring style and great color combinations. They laugh literally the WHOLE time and you can just tell how much fun they all have together. This year we headed out to the dry lake bed in town and were lucky enough to get an amazing cloud cover that day as well. This is pretty rare for Ridgecrest, so I was stoked. 

Being out on a dry lake bed you obviously don't really have a lot of sitting options since there is NOTHING around, so we brought a couch!! This couch actually used to belong to AJ and Caitlin (the cute couple in purple with the little gal) and we bought it from them when we moved into our new house. Now the couch sits in Pauls office since we recently moved some furniture around. The couch was the PERFECT addition to the lake bed and I really think it worked perfectly. 

Since we are likely moving this year, this will probably be the last session I do with this amazing family, so I am so glad we were able to capture some really fun and memorable images! Love you guys!!