Little bit 'o everything

It has been a VERY busy season for me this year and I am eternally blessed that my business has grown and grown this past year. I had a initial goal when I started the year of working with 20 (new to me) clients and I totally blew that out of the water in 2014. I think I ended up with 35-40 clients who I worked with for the first time this year. So awesome and humbling. So many loving families who trusted me to capture their images and memories!!

Instead of sharing individual blog posts for each of the families from the past few weeks, I'm just putting them all together in one long post of happiness and smiles!! 

I'm finishing out the post with an epic shot of my stepson with his relatively new-ish car against an awesome sky. The sky was so perfect that night and I had been wanting to try a shot like this for a while, so I had the idea and executed my vision in about 10 minutes since the sky was fading fast. I really like the results. 

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!! 

First up, three awesomely energetic grandkids and grandma and grandpa! So much love. <3

Next up...three of my favorite people in an awesomely new location in town! 

We struggled with smiles at the beginning of this session, but they came out in full force at the end!! 

Poppy, daughters and grandkids. Seriously one of my favorite sessions to date!! 

I exposed for the sky and had two OCF's set up on either side shooting through umbrellas. Loving how it turned out!