Meet Quinn H // Ridgecrest Birth Photographer

As I headed into the hospital on Monday, December 8th at around 6pm, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I've never personally experienced birth and have heard many, MANY stories from pretty much all of my friends with children about what its like. Obviously the process is pretty much different every time, so I guess that means no matter how many births I end up photographing I will still never know what to expect!

birth photography

For my first, this could NOT have worked out better. I had three sessions the prior weekend so I was a little nervous that Julie would go into labor during the weekend and I will miss one of those sessions. At 5pm on Sunday, I texted her and said, "thanks for holding out, I'm all clear and ready when you are!". 

On Monday afternoon she texted me after her Dr. appointment and let me know where she was at. I was gearing up for tonight or tomorrow to head in. At about 5pm, Steven texted me and said I should eat dinner early because it was looking like tonight was the night. About 45 min later he told me to head on down to the hospital!

I arrived just after 6pm and Quinn Harper was born around 7:30pm. WOW! I was planning to be there the whole night!

Julie really wanted to capture her kids meeting their new little sister, so about 9:30pm I headed home got a full night sleep and headed back to the hospital around 9am and captured the kids coming to the hospital and meeting their new sister!! It was so precious! 

This was an amazing experience all around. From seeing the love and support that Steve provided Julie, to the nurses and all the work that they do, the actual labor itself, how amazing Julie was through this whole process. Yeah, pretty amazing.