John + Kim + Megan, Matt and Luke // Cranford New Jersey

Nomahegen Park, Cranford New Jersey Family Photography

Nomahegan Park Family Photos

I absolutely adore working with repeat clients. Not only because I get to see them again and catch up with them and their families, but I love knowing that they trust me enough to capture their lives over and over again! 

I worked with Kim and John on their backyard wedding last Fall and I just loved everything about their family. I was so excited to see how much the kiddos had grown in a few short months and WOW, its just crazy how only a few short months can have such an effect! 

We met at this awesome park in Cranford which they used to live near. It had an awesome lake in the middle with a really cool bridge so we hung out there for a while and then headed over to the playground so the kids could work out their never-ending energy. I tell ya, if someone can figure out how to bottle that stuff, they'll make millions!! 

Despite the crazy, impromptu wind gusts that started at the exact same time as our session (of course) we had such a great time. Megan, Matt and Luke are just the cutest (and that red hair!!!) and I probably could have photographed their sweet smiles all day!