Montano Family // Hartnett Park Albuquerque

Hartnett Park Family Photos in Albuquerque New Mexico  | Family of four photography

These four people hold such a special place in my heart. I used to work with Joe and Leann back when I lived in Albuquerque and from the moment I met both of them independently I knew they were the kind of people I wanted to be around. They weren't a couple just yet back then and when they got together it was one of those moments where you were just like, "YES! That makes so much sense! They would be so great together!!" And they ARE. 

I've done photos for them once before and I was so excited when they wanted to book again this time around. I love watching as the kids get older and seeing how their dynamic as a family changes over time. Jayden is growing into a very special and loving young man actively involved in his church's youth group and Maleah is a sweet young lady with tons of energy and smiles. I kept telling Paul before they arrived how I remember when Joe would bring Maleah to work in a car seat to show her off to everyone! And now here she is, a beautiful young lady. 

Paul and I both follow them on Snapchat and Paul felt like he already knew them because of that. They are such a sweet and fun family and I just loved our time together on a beautiful Saturday in October. It was too short of a time as always! The kids even did some dancing for me at the end, don't miss those photos!! Love you Montanos!!