Jessica + John // Hoboken Engagement Session

Hoboken Engagement Session | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | North New Jersey Photographer

Paul and I had the BEST time with Jessica and John when we met up with them in Hoboken for their engagement session. They live in Hoboken so they are super familiar with the area which was great since Paul and I are such newbies to the area. 

Their wedding is at the Thayer Hotel at West Point next July and I am so excited about it because the Thayer is simply amazing. I loved shooting there this past summer, so when Jessica inquired and mentioned that's where they were getting married, I think I did a bit of a happy dance while sitting at my desk! 

Jessica and John met playing Zogs football and then realized that they were essentially next door neighbors! In Jessica's words, "he courted me hard core"...which I LOVE!! 

They were total naturals in front of the camera and we explored all around Pier A and then walked up into the streets to find some cobblestone and other interesting spots before we headed back down to get a few shots of the amazing NYC skyline. I probably could have photographed them for hours. So pumped for their July 2017 wedding! 

Enjoy some of my favorites below! 

She Creates Business Podcast Interview and a surprise!

When I first heard about the fact that Kinsey Roberts was creating a new podcast specifically geared towards wedding professionals, I knew I had to be a part of it. 

She Creates Business Podcast | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

First, I am OBSESSED with podcasts and listen to them daily. I talk all about my favorites in this post, but honestly, it's been a dream and goal of mine to be on a podcast, so now that bucket item is officially checked off! 

Second, there are lots of podcasts about photography and a few for creative business owners and entrepreneurs, but I haven't seen one yet geared specifically towards the wedding industry. So Kinsey is really filling a need that I think we have in our industry. A podcast and discussion place for those of us in the industry...a place where we can all learn from each other. Love it!! 

The episode is LIVE as of today, October 27th, 2016! You can either subscribe on iTunes and find the episode that way (I am episode 14) or you can click this link below to find it! 

Cinnamon Wolfe on She Creates Business Podcast

Another fun thing (and surprise) I mention in this podcast is my new venture. I'm in the process of creating a Photography, Business and Blogging resource for thoughtful creatives. This online resource is going to be called


There is going to be so many fun things involved in this, but most importantly I need your help! I am going to be including TONS of valuable resources to creative business owners and photographers and while I have lots of great ideas, I want to hear directly from you as well as to what you'd find most helpful. 

I don't have an official launch date yet, but everyone on my email list is going to be coming along for the ride as I prepare to launch it. So if you are not on my In Crowd list, sign up by clicking on and get notified! I would LOVE to have your input. 

Alllllsoooo, I will also be featuring work from other photographers in a "How I got the shot" series and would love to see your submissions. LOTS of fun will be happening so don't miss out!