Jellison Family // Albuquerque, NM

Los Poblanos Open Space Family Photographer Albuquerque

Peggy had sent me a message through Instagram months ago about a potential family session the next time I came to Albuquerque. But since it was so hard to see messages in IG back then, I missed her message for like MONTHS! I was horrified! Luckily as soon as I saw it there, I messaged her right away and let her know that I would be coming to Alb and I would LOVE to work with her sweet family. 

She really, really wanted photos during the Balloon Fiesta and since that was when our trip was planned, it sort of worked out perfect. Well, the weather of course didn't cooperate. The balloons were great the entire week and then Saturday morning rolled around and so did the clouds. We decided to make the best of it however and still had a FANTASTIC session at Los Poblanos Open Space off of Montano. The boys were so much fun and Paul and I had such a good time exploring the open space with them. I loved how energetic the boys were and they gave me lots of great high fives all throughout the shoot!

Of course, some balloons made there way up into the sky when our session was finished (of course) but I still love the memories we documented!! Thank you Peggy for still trusting me even after not seeing your message for months and thank you for getting your amazing family in front of my camera! Can't wait to share your entire gallery!