Seattle/Oregon | Summer 2014

At the end of June, Paul and I packed up the car and road tripped it up the coast. Well, not literally. Technically we drove up I-5 which goes right through the middle of California and Oregon to Seattle. 

We stopped for a night in Sacramento and then headed to Paul's parents house in St. Helens, OR.

The drive it self was pretty awesome. The scenery was amazing, we came up with creative ways to protect our legs and arms from the beating sun in the car windows and we listened to a whole book on tape as well as about 10 sermons. Throw in a healthy dose of great conversation, giggles and introspection about the grandeur of life and viola! You have an amazing road trip. 

Our time in Seattle seems brief now, but we were able to enjoy so much. We drove in our old neighborhoods and reminisced about our first year of marriage. We toured some brand new houses in the neighborhood we would like to place our "roots". We did some touristy stuff. We ate at a lot of our favorite places. We saw many, many good friends and laughed so much our cheeks hurt. 

Most of all though, we enjoyed the environment and each other. It is remarkable to me that we can spend pretty much all day every day for almost two weeks straight with each other and still enjoy each other as much the last day as the first. 

I am truly blessed.