More from Seattle...

I guess the title of this post should actually read, "More from Spokane" because the majority of these photos were taken in Spokane and not Seattle but I'm gonna just be honest here, Seattle just sounds fancier than Spokane. They DO have flying fish after all. 

We really had a great time on our trip that we took up north a few weeks ago for the wedding. Paul, Kyle and I met up with my mom and stayed at a friends house. We all drove to Spokane together and stayed the beautiful Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. 

We had a good time throughout the weekend seeing some of the sights that Spokane has to offer including a pretty fun little tram ride above some waterfalls that are in the middle of town? I mean c'mon, what town has waterfalls in the middle of it? Pretty awesome.  Paul is usually the one afraid of heights, but Kyle was surprisingly nervous for our short 15 min ride above the cascading waters. We all had a good time with it though and really enjoyed getting to see the area from a different perspective. 

Most of these shots were taking with my new 35mm lens which I am really loving. Super sharp as you can tell in quite a few of the below images.