Amy and Jordan in one week!!!

Holy Moly how has this month gone by so fast! My first of two upcoming workshops is in ONE week from today!!

Amy and Jordan! 

Amy and Jordan! 

I began following Amy and Jordan last year after seeing Jordan link to one of their blog posts in a FB group that we are both members of. I kind of got sucked into their blog because they have so much awesome and juicy information about all things photography and their personalities are just so vibrant and lovely!! I was really impressed with how they integrated their Christian faith into their online presence as well. So much so that I actually sent them an email to tell them so! 

And you know what? 

They wrote back!!

I was honestly shocked. When you follow people online sometimes they become almost celebrity like to you and to get a response from them (same day too I believe) was just so impressive. Here were these busy, popular, knowledgeable photographers taking time out of their day to respond to my dinky little email. 

We've corresponded a bit since then through blog comments, instagram etc...and I've watched their journey throughout the year and how God has blessed them and their business in big ways. I may have even had some (ok MANY) jealous thoughts about all of the awesome things they have gotten to do this year. Three weeks all over Europe? Conferences and retreats with Katelyn James and Zack and Jody? PHOTOGRAPHING Zack and Jody???? Flying all over the country photographing wedding after wedding??? C'mon!! I want that life! =)

Through all of it they remain humble and honest and constantly inspire many others around them with their passion for education. When they announced their workshop a few days before Black Friday, it was something I instantly knew I had to do. They live only one state over and I could drive there in half a day.  I didn't even have to convince Paul when I told him about it, he was on board right away. 

Despite some technical glitches the morning of registration (they had to open a 2nd workshop b/c of overwhelming demand!!) I was able to grab a spot right away and have literally been counting down the days since. 

One week. 


Stay tuned for a recap!