#CWPGear {Whats in my bag?}

Ahhh the eternal question that gets asked of any photographer at some point in their journey....

Whats in your bag?

Click on the pic for the list! 

Click on the pic for the list! 

I've been working on putting together an extensive list of pretty much EVERYTHING I use in this business 'o mine and its finally done! I'm sure it will get tweaked from time to time...(and by time to time I mean hopefully during the holidays somehow a Canon 5d Mark iii ends up on the list somewhere????) ;-)

But for the most part, this is it. Everything. The whole kit and caboodle. I tried to think of literally EVERYTHING I use. Down to what I put my memory cards in. I'm sure I've forgotten something as last week when I thought I was for sure done, I instantly thought of three other things I had forgotten once I was cuddled up with my face in the pillow. 

Even though I love this list and I feel like if I had a list like this when I first started out it would have been UH...Maze...ING since everything is right there in one spot....it still doesn't directly answer the question, "What's in my bag?" I obvs don't carry everything with me all the time and most of these things never leave my desk. 

So here is a general list of what I take on sessions or shoots and what I take to weddings! 

Engagement Session:

  • Camera <---brilliant right?
  • 35, 50 and 85 lenses and 100mm macro for ring shots
  • Extra batteries and cards JIC
  • Bottled water
  • Reflector
  • Stool
  • Blanket

Family Session:

  • Camera
  • 24-105mm, maybe an 85
  • Batteries and Cards
  • Water
  • Stool
  • Blanket
  • Stool for kids
  • Bubbles


  • Camera and backup camera
  • All lenses 
  • 2 Speedlights, lightstand, bracket, umbrella
  • Reflector
  • Stool
  • 3-4 bottles of water and some snacks
  • Batteries and SD/CF Cards
  • Battery charger

I might bring some other non-equipment related things to a wedding for styling etc...

So there you have it, whats in my bag. Make sure you click on over to my new gear page and let me know what you think!