Four Years

Reflection on the past is an indulgence that I give myself permission to do often. Its a reminder of how far we've come. How long of a road we have traveled and even though we may have grown weary at times, we are here. We are smiling. We have hopes and dreams of things yet to come which will someday also be a reflection. 

Reflecting back to my life four years ago on this day makes my heart smile.

We walked down the aisle and said I do. And we still do. Every day since. 

Reflecting back to my life three years ago on this day stirs my anticipation.

We were about to learn where our first move would be as husband and wife. An amazing first year of marriage was about to be tested in ways that we hadn't experienced yet and the excitement of adventures to come was palpable. How many adventures have we had and how many are still to come!

Reflecting back to my life two years ago on this day breaks my heart.

Our precious Chloe girl left us and our world was rocked. But you were there to hold my hand and cry with me tears that we didn't know we had in us. You were my mountain when I needed a rock to stand on. 

Reflecting back to my life one year ago on this day makes me giggle.

Sweating away at VBS and about to take a road trip to always keep me laughing no matter what we are doing. 

Today we are on the precipice of another grand adventure. Our last move with the Army, a new start for my business in a new place and the promise of unknown adventures to come. 

People often say on their anniversary, "How has it been ____ years already?" Even though the days are often long and the years fly by, I have felt these four years in the best way possible:

By your side

I love you honey. Happy Anniversary! 

In the next few weeks I will be starting a new series called Team '76 which will tell the story of how Paul and I met all the way through our wedding and honeymoon. Stay tuned!