David + Devon // Seattle

Pickering Barn Wedding | Issaquah, WA Photographer

It was the perfect day. The temperature was just right. The sky was bright blue with big puffy clouds. It was the day they had been counting down to since November, July 15th, 2016...the day they would finally become husband and wife. 

As I mentioned in their engagement blog post, I've known Devon since she was a teen and it has been an honor and privilege to see her grow into the mature woman she has become. 

Everything about their day was so incredibly special. The excitement was palpable leading up to their first look and when they finally got to see each other.....I could hardly hold back the tears myself as they took in a few moments to themselves before they were to commit the rest of their lives to each other before God, friends and family. 

Devon and David are two incredibly special people who are being used powerfully by God to do great work and I am confident that their union as husband and wife is only the beginning of everything God has planned for them. 

I am so honored they chose me to capture the beginning of their story and I love the memories and moments that Paul and I were able to document for them and their family. My absolute favorite moment was their hug in the room in the back right before they signed their certificate, when it had all sunk in...they were finally husband and wife!!!

My second favorite moment was when they noticed the framed photo on their table at the reception. Devons mom got them the frame a while back and she and I planned on getting them a photo from their portrait session in the frame that same day. It was tough, but we did it, and the looks on both of their faces was priceless when they realized what it was. 

Devon, I love you and have so enjoyed watching you grow up and become the woman you are. David, it is a pleasure to now know you better and understand why it is that Devon loves you so much. Enjoy these images and your gallery will be coming soon!