I'm published! // The Side Hustle Gal

It's official. I am a published author. 

Sort of. 

A while ago I published this blog post about how it's totes OK to be a part time entrepreneur. A lot of what you hear in the creative community is that the end goal should ALWAYS be to drop the 9-5 job and I think this message does a disservice. Plus I just plain disagree. I think its great to have a full time entrepreneur job (I do!) but I also think its amazing to have a full time job and a side hustle as well. There can be beauty and happiness and contentment in both, but the latter doesn't get celebrated all that much. 

Welp, The gals over at The Side Hustle Gal saw my post and thought it was the bee's knees and asked if they could publish it in their book! Ummm...how about a yes on that one? 

It releases today! 


If you are interested in picking up the book you can buy it from Amazon HERE