Sacha + Ricardo // Brooklyn Winery Wedding

The more and more I 2nd shoot weddings, the more I enjoy them. Working with another photographer (who is usually also a friend), being able to be helpful not only to them but others throughout the day without the constant pressure of having to "get the shot", being an extra set of hands, seeing things that might not get seen as the primary....there are just so many things to enjoy about it! 

Shooting this wedding with my great friend Debbie from deborahannphotography was such a fun experience. I headed over to the groom's apartment in Brooklyn for some getting ready shots before making the long and slow drive over to the super hip and cool Wythe Hotel

That's when the rain started!! It poured and poured and made for a truly unique first look! We all had to take Ubers over to the reception location, The Brooklyn Winery, even though it was only a few blocks away. 

Despite the rainy afternoon, nothing could stop these amazing people from having a great time. Everyone was so nice and friendly and this wedding was a true celebration of two people in love and ready to start their lives together. 

And what a beautiful spot for a ceremony! So unique. I have never seen anything like it. Gorgeous details around every corner. I loved spending the day with these lovely people and so blessed to have had the opportunity! For WAAAY more of the pretty, head over to Debbie's blog to see the full day documented beautifully!! 

Megan + Scott // Engaged

It was an unseasonably warm winter day in December of last year and while Megan and Scott were walking on the beach with their two pups Oliver and Olivia and Megan was curiously wondering why Scott was wearing long sleeves. When he got down on one knee in the sand it all made sense. He was concealing her great grandmothers ring that he had gotten last week when he took her parents out to dinner to ask for her hand in forever. 

Megan and Scott grew up two houses away from each other. (How crazy is that?!?!) Their parents went to highschool together and were great friends. Despite the fact that their lives were so intertwined from an early age, they didn't start dating until 2015. They had been through a lot individually and then realized their perfect match was right there all along. 

Its been such a pleasure getting to know Megan and Scott better. They are awesome, fun, laid back all around good people and they are pretty much obsessed with their dogs. Those are the exact kind of people I want to be around. ;-) 

When Megan suggested Bushkill Falls for their engagement session I was totally pumped for a unique and fun session experience. I don't think any of us knew what we were in for! The falls were amazing! We were both expecting a brief hike in the woods to get to the falls, but what we discovered was an intricate set of trails that had been created for optimum waterfall viewing pleasure! It was a steep decline down to the bottom to get a view of the main falls (and then of course that meant going back up!!), but we all had a great time checking out the area, navigating the stairs, watching another couple get engaged (totally happened!) and then making our way back up the hill for some ice cream! 

I love all of the images that we came away with from this unique waterfall session and I can NOT WAIT for their wedding this summer. It is going to be a fantastic celebration of their love with family and friends!!