ShainaLeePhotography // Coaching Session

Shaina reached out to me a few months ago regarding needing help with some questions she had on her Squarespace site, and a few back and forth emails eventually turned into her booking an in person coaching session with me. I was over the moon excited that she lives in Connecticut and so we were going to be able to do the session in person rather than over the phone or Skype. 

The Monday afternoon was perfect and we were able to sit and chat in my house and talk all things business and photography over lunch and cookies. I knew immediately from her online presence that Shaina and I would get along great and I was so excited to dive deeper into the questions she had about turning her wedding and portrait photography business into something that will contribute to her family for years to come. 

Afterwards we went out to my front and backyards to do some headshots in the wonderful afternoon light. 

Shaina, it was such a pleasure to spend time with you and to get to know you better and I can't wait to see where you take your business next. With the passion and drive you have, I have no doubt that you will be able to reach every single one of your goals!! 

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