Kendro Family // San Diego Family Photographer

I don't live in San Diego but I have a couple of very good friends who do. (San Diego is also only about 3 hours and 2 SuperTargets away from Ridgecrest, so you know, totally doable.) Very good friends who love their photo sessions and images turn into NEW friends who hire me to love their photo sessions and images. How brilliant is that? 

I consider myself extremely blessed to have made two new friends a few weekends ago in the amazingly beautiful place that is San Diego. 

The locations were off the hook. Their families were a blast. We got some smiles that are normally hard to come by. We shopped at Target. 

Ok, wait that last part isn't true. Well it is true but didn't really have anything to do with the photo sessions. 

This is the first session from my weekend which took place at a AWESOME park that was pretty much MADE for photo sessions. I could shoot there every day probably. The Kendro family was great. Their son Brandon was a total HAM and loved the camera and little Alex shot me some legit smiles when my awesome friend/assistant Darby busted out the running man behind me. 

Afterward we walked over to a little farmers market that was going on next to the park. I guarantee you that farmers market has never had patrons so well coordinated. =) 

Thanks Kendro family!!