Kajut Family // Large Family Photographer

I love it when beautiful family photos like this.....

can turn into this with two simple words. "SILLY FACE!"

This was another beautiful family that I had the pleasure of meeting in San Diego. The Kajut family brought extended family to join in the fun and commemorate some memories. The littlest one was conked out almost the ENTIRE time. Usually with two year olds I can hardly catch them, but this guy was just sound asleep on g-pa's shoulder or mom or dads. Although I did catch him looking a couple of times! =) 

At the VERY end of our session (I mean, we were packed up and walking back to our cars) this little guy woke up and gave me some brilliant smiles. 

I mean seriously? How cute is that guy!!

Love Balboa Park. Love San Diego. Loved the Kajut family! Thanks for a great day!