A studio session

My friend Becki from our small group at church is going to be moving soon. She and her family are off to Florida in a few months on a new Navy adventure. Her daughter Bethany has been doing ballet here for a while now and Becki wondered if I would be up for taking some pictures of her practicing at her studio. She has made a lot of friends and memories here at this studio and Becki thought it would really mean a lot to Bethany to capture some of those moments. 

When I got the email that she was interested in hiring me for this job, I was so pumped. Not only do I love this family, but the idea of capturing dancers in studio really got my creative juices flowing. I was so excited to get there and really attempt to capture the essence of what it is like in studio. 

I could not be more pleased with the results. Bethany's instructor was kind enough to let me snap away during the entire two hour practice. I used a variety of lenses and perspectives and enjoyed every second of my time there. 

I know these images will be very special to Bethany and her family for many years to come and that in and of itself makes my heart sing. Opportunities like this make me so thankful and blessed to be able to use my gifts to bless others.