Family Photo Session // What to Wear

One of the most common question I receive after booking a session is...

Arrrghhhhh!! What in the world do we wear???????

(Ok maybe not quite that dramatic. And now I'm speaking in pirate in my head.)

Here are some tips, tricks and visual inspiration to help get you started thinking about the perfect outfit for your family session! 

Its best to COORDINATE, but not all MATCH. 

Complimentary colors work best and it always looks better if your outfits seem to effortlessly go together without you all wearing the exact same thing. 

Its important to be COMFORTABLE

Does anyone look happy or relaxed in photos if they are wearing something tight? or itchy? or that they hate? Never! Its also good to remember that we may be walking a little bit, sitting on the ground or in grass etc...These are all things to think about ahead of time when planning outfits. 

Busy is not always Best

Really busy prints, or graphics don't always photograph the best in FAMILY portraits. There may be a time and place, but one person wearing a really loud fluorescent plaid shirt or Timmy wearing his favorite sports team jersey may not work for the family portrait you want hanging in your living room. Its best for outfits to highlight the individual at that time in their lives without completely distracting the entire photo. 


Accessories are always fun to incorporate in family photos! Jackets, hats, gloves, sunglasses, scarves, belts, all works great. And it gives us an option to take some photos with the accessories and some without to mix it up a bit! 

NO all white/black

It really is best to stay away from all white or black outfits or even all white or black tops. Photos where there is too much white or black can tend to look washed out or flat. It really is best to utilize colors within a family setting! 

Imagine your walls in your home

These photos will hopefully be hanging or displayed in your home for years to come. What do you envision? The outfits should have the element of a timeless feel to them. 


Pinterest is absolutely your friend when looking for inspiration for family photo shoot outfits. I have a board started with some ideas that I like, so feel free to check that out and follow/pin ideas inspire you!