Choosing a location for engagement photos've said YES!, you've been staring at that new shiny bling on your finger every day and you've started the exciting (and somewhat overwhelming process of all things wedding planning! Being engaged is SUCH a fun time in every couples life!! And now its time to have your engagement photos taken! Yippee!!

But wait! Where in the world is a good place to have engagement photos taken? 

Choosing a location for your engagement session can seem intimidating at first....there are so many places, how in the world will you choose? What fits us as a couple? We've never had professional photos taken before, how will we know what sort of spot will work? 

These are all great questions and the photographer you are working with will (hopefully) help you in choosing the perfect place for you as a couple. And today, I'm sharing three things to take into consideration to help you narrow down your choices and choose a place that is just perfect for you!! 

Choosing the perfect location for your engagement session


The first thing you want to really take into consideration is the Season you'd like your photos to take place in, paired with the timing of everything. If you get engaged in January and aren't getting married until the following year in the Summer, then you would have plenty of time to take advantage of pretty much any season. 

However, if you got engaged in the spring and are getting married in late fall of the same year, then you will likely not have the ability to take winter engagement photos! 

Most couples like to use an engagement photo on either their save the date cards or even sometimes their wedding invitations. So that timing will matter as well. If you'd like to get your save the date cards out 6 months prior to the wedding date, then you will need to do your engagement photos within that time frame.  

Everything really comes down to when you got engaged and when the wedding date is and what you might want to use the photos for. Some couples who aren't using the engagement photos for anything in terms of invites can pretty much have their session whenever, even sometimes up to a week before the wedding! 


When thinking about the style of session you want, I like to recommend to my couples to really think about who they are as a couple and what sorts of things do you love doing together? 

  • Do you love staying in and cooking dinner and watching Netflix? Maybe an in home engagement session is a fun idea!
  • Do you love hiking and exploring the outdoors? Maybe a mountain top engagement session is in order?
  • Love a certain sports team? Maybe an urban session near the stadium could be fun? 
  • Did you get engaged on the beach at sunset? Well then there you go! 

Depending on the area you are in, there are endless ideas about where you could potentially end up having your session. Your photographer also might be able to go to a few different locations during your session depending on your package. Either way, thinking about what sort of environment really communicates who you are as a couple will likely lead to you enjoying your session that much more! 

Unique or Private 

Living so close to NYC, it makes sense that so many people want to do engagement sessions in Central Park or Rockefeller center etc... but if you know about a unique or private location that no one else really has access too, well then your photos are literally going to be unlike any others! 

  • Is your childhood home located on a lake with a private dock and a family boat? 
  • Does anyone in your family or friends work at a location that is beautiful but not readily available to the general public?
  • Have a campground that you always go too that isn't an obvious choice for a session, but could end up being perfect?

Utilizing a private or unique area that isn't something people commonly think of when it comes to engagement sessions can be super fun because in addition to it being something unique to you, your photos will be even more unique and special! 

Alrighty! I hope that helps you narrow down ideas to share with your photographer when it comes time to pick your engagement session location!