Should you invest in Engagement Photos?

Should you invest in Engagement Photos? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ & NYC

Short answer (from a photographer): YES!!! A million times yes!!

Ok, ok, we all knew that was coming, can you blame me?! ;-) 

In all seriousness though, it IS a valid question. Weddings are expensive and there are many things to consider during this exciting time in your life!  Some engagements are long, some are relatively short and although engagement photos seem to be somewhat of a trend in the past 10-15 years, there is absolutely some validity in asking if investing in engagement photography is really worth it to you as a couple. 

As a photographer, I obviously believe that photos matter at all different stages of your life. Engagement photography is no different. There is something so special about this time when you have just decided to commit to each other in such a profound and visible way. You are on the cusp of covenant, you have said "I'm in for the long matter what" and sealed it with a ring.

That SCREAMS to be documented, remembered and celebrated! 

And if I haven't convinced you are four additional reasons that YOU should invest in engagement photography. 


There are many things that fall under this heading because in my opinion its the most important! Being professionally photographed is not something that happens for most adults on any sort of regular basis. Getting engaged is the perfect opportunity to get some high quality documented photos to remember this new and exciting time in your life. Sure, we may be the "selfie" generation, but hiring a professional to capture the essence of who you are as a couple trumps double chins, bad exposure and "the arm on the side" photos of the two of you. 

As a newly engaged couple, you will also likely want to print and frame some photos of the two of you that are NOT in wedding clothes. I currently have ONE wedding photo hanging from my walls (the rest are in an album because I think that tells a better story) and many of the rest are from Paul and my engagement session. I LOVE looking at those photos every day and remembering everything about that time. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to have images of the two of you that you can hang, frame and or send to grandma!

Engagement photos are also PERFECT for using on your save the date cards or even your wedding invitations or Christmas cards. Adding that personal touch of an image of the two of you to friends and loved ones just adds to the excitement! 

My FAVORITE photo from our engagement session- photo by Angie Arms Photography

My FAVORITE photo from our engagement session- photo by Angie Arms Photography

Practice for wedding

There is absolutely no better time to prepare for wedding photos than at an engagement session. The day will be hectic, timing will inevitably be off at some point during the day and the last thing you as the bride and groom need to worry about is feeling awkward about photos. Having professional photos taken is not something people do every day (unless they are professional models) so it doesn't come naturally to most people. Being able to get into a little bit of a rhythm with each other beforehand will only make your day all that much easier and enjoyable! 

Should you invest in engagement photos? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ & NYC

Get to know your wedding photographer

Many wedding photographers (myself included) offer engagement sessions in their packages for exactly this reason. Even though you may meet with your wedding photographer before the big day, actually seeing how they work before the wedding day can be invaluable! You get to know them and how they direct you, and they get to know you better which in turn just lends itself to a more relaxed and easy going time at the actual wedding. Meeting someone for the first time who is in charge of documenting one of the most important days in your life can be an overwhelming feeling! You will already be experiencing the gamut of emotions on that day, don't do yourself a disservice by adding to that. Having an engagement session with your wedding photographer will get you at least two additional hours of actual time spent observing and understanding how the photographer will work with you on the big day. 

Should you invest in engagement photos? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ & NYC

Photos of the ring!

Ok, I kind of threw this one in there for fun, but really....where else will you get an amazing close up photo of your engagement ring in all its glory? Photographers use a special lens called a macro lens to get these shots and who wouldn't want one of their fabulous new accessory? Almost all photographers I know who specialize in engagement and wedding photography will absolutely take time out to get some beautiful close up shots of the rings and even though you might get some during the wedding, the engagement photos will likely take place relatively soon after you become engaged and the ring will still be sparkly and new! The perfect clothes for an amazing and beautiful close up shot! 

Should you invest in engagement photos? | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ & NYC

If you were on the fence before about booking an engagement session, I hope these reasons have pushed you right over the top (without any injury of course!) And obviously (wink, wink) I would love to help you out with that! 

If you are interested in booking an engagement or wedding package: