Dave + Jess // Outdoor Winter Wedding


When Jessica first contacted me about shooting her wedding in December....outdoors, part of me was like say waaaaahhht? And part of me was like, ohhhhh fun!! You never really know what you are going to get in December in New Jersey (19 one day and 45 the next) so we were definitely taking a risk. But it was so incredibly worth it because these two had the absolute perfect day in every way and I am so glad Paul and I were there to be a part of it. 

You might remember these two from their engagement session in the Fall. Their wedding was in a park that Dave used to live near and the two of them would frequently bring the dogs too so it had a very special place in their heart. Even though it was an intimate celebration with their family, the details were still so "them"! I loved how they incorporated bits of who they are throughout.

Dave's brothers flew in from Washington and Arizona and his dad performed the ceremony. He read his favorite poem during the ceremony and it was such a special touch that they weren't expecting. When Dave's brother was prompted to hand over the rings, he handed over two ring shaped dog toys at first because Dave and Jess are totally obsessed with their two dogs Champ and Slate. It was such a funny moment that they totally weren't expecting. Their vows was one of Paul and my favorite parts because they had the same vows and they took turns reading them back and forth finishing each other's sentences. I haven't seen anyone do that before and I thought it was so special! 

They both wore brand new boots and Jessica had her aunts shawl to keep her warm on the chilly 30 degree day. Neither one of them like the smell of fresh flowers so her bouquet and his boutineer were made of wooden flowers! They were so cool! She also had a turkey pin from her dad since he passed away when she was much younger and couldn't be there on her special day. It was all so lovely. 

After the brief ceremony in the gazebo, we did family photos and then did some portraits of the bride and groom and then we all got in our cars to warm up!! It even started snowing the tiniest bit right as we were leaving. Figures!! 

Dave and Jessica, you two are so good together and I am so glad we connected. Congratulations to you as you enjoy this new season of married life!!