LeJeune Anniversary // Ridgecrest Anniversary

"Even in the midst of tragedy, she can still smile." 

North NJ engagement photography

A little over two years ago, Emilies father passed away. It was during that exact same time frame that a guy who had recently moved to town started attending her small group Bible study. They had both been to the same party a few months before (and both noticed each other) but they didn't actually talk that night. They began talking at their weekly study and one night, instead of making his normal quick departure,  James hung around after it was over and waited for Emilie to finish talking with her friends.   It was that night that he asked Emilie out for dinner. He knew this girl had just gone through something so devastating, but yet she was still managing a smile. He saw her sweet spirit in the midst of her personal loss. 

Their first date was awkward (aren't they all!) but full of generous conversation. This was something special. They both knew. It was the first serious relationship for both of them, but they knew. 

A few months later and despite the fact that they were already discussing marriage, James surprised her on a Monday afternoon hike with a sweet proposal overlooking the city. It was an otherwise average ordinary day, except for these two. These two were about to embark on something magical. 

They had a quick engagement filled with excitement and wedding plans. They began their covenant on March 1st, 2014. 

When I asked them about their first year of marriage, they both remarked, "if the first year is supposed to be the toughest, then the rest of our lives is going to be pretty amazing!"

Happy one year anniversary to Emilie and James!