Nineteen Years

Nineteen years.

For nineteen years, Paul has put his needs aside and willingly served our country. I have only been a part of his life for the past five years so I haven't witnessed the entirety of his career, but from the years I have spent with him I can tell you it is truly an honorable sacrifice. 

On March 1st, Paul was promoted to E7. For those familiar with the Army, you know this is a big accomplishment. Donning the Sgt. First Class rank is something that I'm not sure Paul ever thought would happen. I of course didn't have any doubts, but when he finally saw the rank on his uniform I could see it in his eyes.

That what he has worked so hard for all these years had paid off. 

I'm consistently impressed with Paul's views on the Army and the military in general. It can be a tough life and there is a lot that goes on that on its face seems ridiculous and pointless and disorganized. But through it all, there is a point. There is a higher purpose for what these men and women do day in and day out. Its not just a job although many make it that. Its also a mission. To love and serve your country and what it stands for. 

We celebrated by documenting this promotion through photo. He needed updated photos in his uniforms and whadda know? I have all of the equipment to do that!! 

At the end of the post I have some shots of my stand in's to, you know, "test the light". Its always an adventure at the Wolfe house!!