Prom 2015

Although I haven't promoted or blogged much about this I have been the official photographer of my stepsons High School sports teams and events for the past year. Even though the school is small, they do have most of the major sports categories including football, basketball, volleyball and baseball/softball. They also have homecoming and prom. While figuring out a good system for taking these photos and having parents order can be a little daunting, I formulated a system that seemed to work pretty well and we had a successful year!

Even though this is still associated with my business, it has been such a blessing to be a part of these kids lives even in the smallest way. My stepson played on all three sports teams and his girlfriend is an amazing volleyball and softball player. I got to take their pictures for both homecoming and prom. I got to know kids from games and activities and it was overall a very positive experience. 

Their prom was a few weekends ago and aside from a random freak rain storm about 30 minutes prior to our photo session time, the evening went off without a hitch. I am so thankful I was able to experience this opportunity this year as well as have lasting memories from all of Kyles sports and events! 

Kyle with his best friend Logan, with most of his sophomore class, with his beautiful girlfriend Mikaela and then the entire group that showed up for photos.