Relocating your photography business {and house update!}

In a little over a month, we are headed on a cross country trip from California to New Jersey! Moving is never easy, but moving with the military adds a special kind of difficulty and at the end of the day you can only smile and move forward. Up to this point things have gone as smoothly as possible with the exception of finding out our new location (which Paul called and told me about right in the middle of day two of Amy & Jordan's workshop in February!) and then waiting for official orders and then trying to figure out travel plans, where we will live, what do we take, what do we sell...yadda yadda yadda. 

And oh yeah, I have a business that I need to move as well. This could get interesting. 

Starting a photography business in and of itself isn't horribly difficult (depending on who you ask) but MOVING a business? I already have clients. Word of mouth is flowing. I have a process. I am all set up with the city and have my license and am ranking on page 1 of Google search for "ridgecrest photographer". Now I have to change everything??? 

Well.....what if that's not such a bad thing? What if we take this monumental life event and view it as an opportunity for positive change that will affect the long term growth of my business? That doesn't sound so bad! 

how do i relocate my photography business | Northern NJ Wedding Photographer

I've been thinking about this and making plans for quite a while now. While I really have NO clue how to successfully move a photography business, I have quite a few ideas which I plan on implementing before we go and once we arrive. Branding is one of them, but there are many many more. This post is an initial introduction into the process in which I hope there will be many posts in the future regarding strategies, process and progress! I hope you follow along my journey and learn while I learn and if you ever have to move your photography business, hopefully my insights will get you where you want to be quicker than doing it all on your own!

ONE MORE fun thing before I go...Last weekend we went on a house hunting trip to NJ and let me tell you...what a rough process!! It's hard enough finding a house YOU like, but finding one you and your spouse agree on in a market where houses are flying off the shelf is just downright worthy of more than one night of ice cream sundaes with at least three cherries on top. Seriously! We lost out on TWO offers before one was finally.....


Yes, we got a house and we love it and we can't wait to have everyone over to check it out!! 

I'm really excited to get there and work on getting settled but I am a little worried about decorating the place. I seriously lack in this department. So if anyone has any tips or tricks for me regarding this, I am all ears!!